Shipping policy

Cancellation Policies YETIBERA® Pursuant to article 56 of the Federal Law on Consumer Protection, you may make your total or partial cancellation of a purchase made through the website www. maisonyetibera.com at any time before receiving the product and within five business days after the day the product is received. Cancellation must be made by email contacto@maisonyetibera.com or by contacting us by phone at 01 (33) 3313022587 or 01 (33) 3630 4291 If at the time of receiving the notice, by any of the means mentioned above and the merchandise has already been sent, we ask you to refuse the delivery to your address so that the courier service returns it to us. Having received the return merchandise, we will make the refund by the same original form of payment except shipping costs. In case of partial cancellations, only the price of the merchandise will be refunded, not the shipping costs. Shipping costs will only be reimbursed when the reason for the cancellation is attributable to YETIBERA® for not having merchandise in stock and not being able to fill the order. YETIBERA® may cancel an order made to be paid by bank deposit if the deposit is not made within 3 calendar days of the purchase request. If your form of payment was by bank deposit, we ask that at the time of requesting the cancellation you provide: CLABE Interbancaria, Name of the Banking Institution and Name of the Account Holder; since the refund will be made by electronic transfer for the amount of the order within the next five business days after obtaining your information. Refunds will not be made if we do not have the aforementioned information. THANK YOU FOR BEING A YETIBERA® CUSTOMER!