They say that the only constant is change and Yetibera is not far behind. Well, since the brand opened, we have experimented with new ways of communicating.

Stories, projects, people and inspiration are part of the process. And we chose the Riviera Maya as the venue to celebrate and carry out the new Yetibera campaign. Not only for the sand, sea and sky so characteristic of the Mexican Caribbean, but also for the special experiences that usually happen in paradise.

A new way of being, doing and communicating. This sling of happiness is also materialized in a renewed image; 3 days of production, 4 models, the Yetibera team and many locations in the Riviera Maya allowed this campaign to take place.

The challenge began with the identity of the brand as our products take place for different types of styles. So three new style guides make an appearance in this campaign.

The Capitan, for the experienced and wise mature.

The Bold, for the classic and sophisticated

The King, for young adults, travelers and carefree

Based on this, the campaign was recorded in the most influential places in the Riviera Maya. Starting with Cancun where thanks to our partners Luxury Luxury Yachts, we were able to have a tour in the Nichupte lagoon and in the imposing turquoise waters that the Mexican Caribbean offers us, managing to capture the atmosphere that The Capitan offers us.

Day two was destined for the trendiest place in the Riviera Maya, since our agenda was intended to capture the bohemian essence of our brand, represented by The King, a young man who is committed to adventure and carefree style, long hair, colors Monochromatic, loose clothing and special hats, provided by the Regina Made with Love brand.

This session was held at the Holistika Tulum boutique hotel, which allowed us to use its locations to project all the boho style and sacredness of the Mayan jungle, a mixture of art, sustainability and minimalist architecture that surrounds this magical place.

Ending with our headquarters, Playa del Carmen, where we had the opportunity to record in our showroom, located in the heart of Playa, we also had the participation of the Toscana Grill restaurant, located on the famous fifth avenue of this city. Our challenge was to capture emotions, interior design and above all the elegance and sobriety of our “The Bold” style.

A new way of being, doing and communicating.


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